Friday, 28 February 2014

It just gets better...............

Well its the end of February and what a couple of stunning months its been,and the reason is the power of Compound Interest !!! it is without doubt one of the most powerful ways and possibly one of the easiest ways of creating wealth.

Of course its all about the rate of compounding and the time duration as well,but the longer you leave it the better,the best way to look at it would be like viewing a giant ski slope but in reverse,it starts out at 1st almost looking like its level but then over time the ski slope just starts going up and then the real excitement starts when you start seeing your investment going skywards.

Why do people who call themselves investors jusat save money in normal bank accounts and other savings accounts is beyond me,the returns they receive are paltry at best,remember its not about working for your money but letting the money work for you.

I will be doing some regular updates over the coming weeks,2014 has started out in over drive and can only get better.