Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Reducing my working hours down..................

One of my aims this year was too reduce my hours that i need to work to about 2 hours a day then by mid year reduce it finally down to about 60 minutes,well its certainly is looking like this will be achieved on time.

The whole aim was re-organise and rather than work for money let money work for me,this in turn allows me that very rare commodity that we all strife for fredom to do what ever we like.Its not a easy task dont get me wrong but if you want it enough you will fullfil it.

My way of thinking is that while i am totally healthy andthis very short time that we are on this planet,if you have goals then anything can be achieved,but only you can do this.

Its a lovely sunny and crisp morning here so i feel its time for taking the dog out for his walk and enjoy the sun as its going too rain tomorrrow.