Monday, 12 November 2012

Stamp investment update..........

Well we have bought a total of 6 high grade stamps today and these will be added to our stamp portfolio during the week,its a funny thing really when you look at these small pieces of paper that look just like scrap pieces of paper and you wonder how come they are worth so much.But its what they are and how scare they are that you are paying for. The condition of the stamps that you invest in is the all important key to how much they will rise in years to come and also trying to see what markets will be the next hot niche,about 6 years ago it was suggested that i invest in quality chinese stamps this i did and due to the massive wealth that has come to that area in recent years the returns on your stamp investments has just gone through the roof but another thing is when to exit that market and take profits as although they can rise the art is getting out before a down turn or they start to go off the boil. I still have most of my original portfolio as the price on most of them is still rising but over the last few years i have been approached with a few offers for certain stamps that i just could not refuse,its all about supply and demand and the demand for high grade stamps is still very strong.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Stamps and possibly a small wine investment.

Well this week we are looking at buying some high grade investment quality stamps and possibly but not sure about buying some wine the wine option is still something we need some advice on as we are not sure about this. Over the last 6 years we have been investing in a portfolio of stamps rather than a tradional pension scheme,this has been seen as a very wise investment as the same amount of money in a pension would be either worth the same as 6 years ago or infact may have fallen but the stamp portfolio has risen much much more than the rate of inflation and much better than sitting in a high rate deposit account. We are not talking about stamp collecting like when we are kids but high quality stamps.
This is a typical stamp that we would look at investing in with a buying price of £6250 which is not cheap but will for sure rise in value.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Today we went and looked at the farm land that we had been offered and a deal has been agreed,so we are on our way and will be looking at possible further transactions.
The type of farmland that we will mainly be looking at investing in would be crops rather than livestock but we may at some time in the future go down the livestock route as well as but at the moment we dont have any plans.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Business Opportunities after selling our online business.

Well after selling our online business a few months back after someone had approached us with a offer that we just could not refuse we are looking for new Business Opportunities and Investments and this could be anything from farm land through to fine wines and everything in between. So we have started by buying some small area of farm land that we have been aware that has been for sale for about a year,so we put in a offer under the asking price and doing some further negotiating we are the new owner. So why have we gone into farm land well the world population is growing and the world land mass is still the same size so the demand for food will increase many times over the next 20 or so years so hence this is why we are investing in the niche.

Our game plan is to increase the size of our investment in farm land over the next 2 years or so then maybe think about buy a few small building plots as the market starts to pick up again,timing is everything with with property and building land and we hope to catch to upward spiral right at the bottom and ride it up to gain maximum profits. Property is the last 5 years has been a bad investment for alot of people especially if the bought right at the top of the last upward spiral but that is property for you,if you take a look at a graph of property prices over the last 40-50 years the graph will go from bottom left to top right on the charty with a few pull backs along the way.We have seen this in the 70s,80s,90s and the current recession but property always comes back for the next boom and bust cycle. Timing in life is the hardest bit on when to start investing again,we feel we can see some green shoots appearing so hence the decision to start looking.