Friday, 26 October 2012

Business Opportunities after selling our online business.

Well after selling our online business a few months back after someone had approached us with a offer that we just could not refuse we are looking for new Business Opportunities and Investments and this could be anything from farm land through to fine wines and everything in between. So we have started by buying some small area of farm land that we have been aware that has been for sale for about a year,so we put in a offer under the asking price and doing some further negotiating we are the new owner. So why have we gone into farm land well the world population is growing and the world land mass is still the same size so the demand for food will increase many times over the next 20 or so years so hence this is why we are investing in the niche.

Our game plan is to increase the size of our investment in farm land over the next 2 years or so then maybe think about buy a few small building plots as the market starts to pick up again,timing is everything with with property and building land and we hope to catch to upward spiral right at the bottom and ride it up to gain maximum profits. Property is the last 5 years has been a bad investment for alot of people especially if the bought right at the top of the last upward spiral but that is property for you,if you take a look at a graph of property prices over the last 40-50 years the graph will go from bottom left to top right on the charty with a few pull backs along the way.We have seen this in the 70s,80s,90s and the current recession but property always comes back for the next boom and bust cycle. Timing in life is the hardest bit on when to start investing again,we feel we can see some green shoots appearing so hence the decision to start looking.

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