Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Server upgrade has been completed...........

Just a quick update too our earlier post regarding the server upgrade on our free proxy site Free proxy server the transfer was a total success as we expected it to be anyway,but our tech guys done the transfer much quicker than what we had expected.

Thanks guys foe all your support.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Just a quick update on a server upgrade...........

Just a quick update,due too the massive growth in our new free proxy server site Free Proxy Server we have had to do a emergency transfer onto a brand new server.It will only be down for a few more hours while our technical staff do the transfer.

Of course we are terrible sorry that we had too take the site down,but it will be running alot faster as we grow.

Thanks again

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Just a quick update on our ever expanding Proxy Website.........

Well after we decided on adding a totally brand new free proxy website too our portfolio Free proxy website the traffic although slow for the first few weeks then after being picked up by almost all the search engine bit,the traffic has basically gone ballistic.

The amount of visitors has been amazing,of course we are not complaining,but the only thing that we are keeping our eyes on are the current bandwith on the server,Proxy server sites dont in theory take up a great amount of storage space,but they can when they get busy take up huge mounts of bandwidth,but the again we will be ready if we need to upgrade onto a much bigger server which we have on standby and can be changed over in a very short time duration as and when the time arrive.

So although just a quick update,its exciting times for the Free Proxy Server and we will keep you updated ongoing.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

New Free Proxy site going crazy..........

Well be have had this site Free Proxy Server up and running for 2 whole months and the amount of traffic is staggering especially when you take into consideration how new it is.Of course we are not complaining,if the amount of visitors had been much lower then we would have questioned the viability of the site.

But we cannot complain,any new site and most folks are aware are very difficult in getting ny form of visitors,as usually it does take a fair amount of time.But the early indications are looking very encouraging for sure.

So over time,how long i am not really sure,we really do have big plans for this website,but transferring visitors into revenue is a totally different ball game.But getting the right balance of adverts ie amount and the placement of them on a site is another problem,one does not want way too many and it looks like you are spamming,as infact it can drive folks away.Have seen so many website with no end of forms of revenue adverts and it just looks terrible and revenue can be low,but then again we have seen some websites with just say 1 or 2 very discretely place adverts that make a huge amount of revenue,the trick is finding that happy balance.

Thats the latest on this new venture,so we are happy thus far. 

Sunday, 15 July 2018

A totally mind Blowing free Proxy Server site............

This is one new site that we have just acquired,welcome too Free Proxy Server this is a totally 'FREE PROXY SERVER' and its become massive,with the amount of traffic that it is receiving.

If you are looking at keeping your internet searching private and stop folks having knowledge of your location and what you are searching for then this is the site that you have been waiting for.

Its totally free to use,very easy,fast and totally reliable,all you do is click on the link and save it in your favorites for future use.Then type in your destination url or website details and then you can search the internet,its that easy.

Here is the link again Free Proxy Server its totally free,which is amazing these days and anyone can use it,dont forget too save it in your favourite or Bookmark it for future use.