Saturday, 13 October 2018

Just a quick update on our ever expanding Proxy Website.........

Well after we decided on adding a totally brand new free proxy website too our portfolio Free proxy website the traffic although slow for the first few weeks then after being picked up by almost all the search engine bit,the traffic has basically gone ballistic.

The amount of visitors has been amazing,of course we are not complaining,but the only thing that we are keeping our eyes on are the current bandwith on the server,Proxy server sites dont in theory take up a great amount of storage space,but they can when they get busy take up huge mounts of bandwidth,but the again we will be ready if we need to upgrade onto a much bigger server which we have on standby and can be changed over in a very short time duration as and when the time arrive.

So although just a quick update,its exciting times for the Free Proxy Server and we will keep you updated ongoing.

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