Monday, 12 November 2012

Stamp investment update..........

Well we have bought a total of 6 high grade stamps today and these will be added to our stamp portfolio during the week,its a funny thing really when you look at these small pieces of paper that look just like scrap pieces of paper and you wonder how come they are worth so much.But its what they are and how scare they are that you are paying for. The condition of the stamps that you invest in is the all important key to how much they will rise in years to come and also trying to see what markets will be the next hot niche,about 6 years ago it was suggested that i invest in quality chinese stamps this i did and due to the massive wealth that has come to that area in recent years the returns on your stamp investments has just gone through the roof but another thing is when to exit that market and take profits as although they can rise the art is getting out before a down turn or they start to go off the boil. I still have most of my original portfolio as the price on most of them is still rising but over the last few years i have been approached with a few offers for certain stamps that i just could not refuse,its all about supply and demand and the demand for high grade stamps is still very strong.

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