Friday, 19 September 2014

Having a Game Plan and sticking with it..............

Having a game plan is the secret to your success. Instead of dreaming about future success, you're busy taking practical steps to reach your goal. Don't hesitate to ask for help from a well connected friend. Most of us have dreamt about being successful,but dreaming and taking actions are poles apart,infact dreams mean nothing really in real life as i can see it. So basically what i am saying is,if you want too succeed in life and achieve your goals,just go for it,it certainly was the best move that i have ever taken apart from marrying my wife that is,it was not easy for sure when i started out infact it was rather daunting,but over time i came too see it was the right decision and gald that i stuck with it. Am i happy,well i think i am the happiest that i have ever been in life,also one think we tend to forget is our health,most of us take it for granted till a major health crisis hits us in the face.One piece of advice i will give,dont abuse your body in anyway,look after it and give it the utmost respect.Trust me on this one,as i have seen some friends pass away that really abused their bodies. Moral of the story is i guess,just get of your butt and go for it.

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